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Our Centre of Excellence will unravel the problem of AMR as a joint effort by experts in biology, medicine, sociology and bioinformatics.

We aim to:

  •  collect, combine and analyse data that are usually assessed separately such as human AMR data, environmental AMR data and sociological data

  • connect these data with evolutionary experiments for a mechanistic understanding of the process.

  • conduct integrative data analysis to identify genetic, phenotypic, environmental and sociological features and mechanisms behind the AMR risk.

Our integrative approach will build a foundation for science-based actions against AMR and be transformative on how AMR is studied.

Meet the team

FIMAR Center of Excellence is formed of five different research groups from two universities in Finland, University of Helsinki and University of Turku. The strength of FIMAR lies in a novel approach integrating expertise across the fields of medicine (PI Kantele), environmental science (PI Virta), evolutionary biology (PI Hiltunen), sociology (PI Sariola) and bioinformatics (PI Mustonen). Find out more of each Principal Investigator and their research groups below!


University of Helsinki (UH), University of Turku (UTU) and Helsinki University Hospital (HUH)

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